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September 2015

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C42 – Coming Into Force

New Owner of Joe Meaux’s 870

Provincial Instructor Course – Earn an Income – Support The Sport – Oct 19-23rd, 2015

Meet Our CFI AP Team Captain

National Recreational Action Pistol Program - Q&A

Coming Soon More CFI Shooting Programs – We are SHOOTER Focused!

Double Tap Sports-Keeping Customers on Target

How to Take Your Best Shot: Part Three – Natural Body Alignment

Eagle Lake Gun Club – One Shot Tactical IDPA Ontario Provincials

New Shooter Canada

Funds Raised for Prostate Cancer!  Kudoos to the Lodge!

Together we helped generate 10,000 meals for the Hungry!



Come by & Say Hi

Sept 13th NRRC Gun Show - Ontario Fur Harvesters Building, 1867 Bond Street, North Bay, ON P1B 4V6

Sept 13th Ontario Hunt Camp Association AGM, Orillia Legion

Sept 26th Wilmot Hunting and Sportsmen’s Show - 251 Jacob Street, Wilmot, ON





Welcome to the September Edition of ON TARGET - the CFI electronic newsletter.  


New Owner of Joe Meaux’s 870

Terry L. from Toronto, ON


Many thanks to all who participated.

Ideas for this Year?



Rounded Rectangle: The outcome of this election will impact
 our community greatly!
Please Vote Wisely on Oct. 19th, 2015


C42 – Coming Into Force – POL to PAL & ATTs

Well, we are faced with a situation where the intent of law is not reflected in the language of the law. 

The RCMP in its wisdom has chosen to enforce their interpretation of the letter of the law – and due to the changes brought about by this law – the Provincial CFOs are no longer in a position to apply a little common sense.

The end result for many of us is a great deal of confusion and additional worry.

In order to make the necessary changes to the “letter” of the law as quickly as possible – it is imperative that we elect a government that recognizes our community as a viable entity and clearly understand the difference between “criminal behavior” and “sportsmanship”.  Please vote wisely on Oct 19th.

That being said – please review and share the excerpt taken from the RCMP website  and saved as pdf – or visit their page directly – at

Two things that aren’t answered on that sheet are:

Do I have to be a member of a club to get an automatic ATT? – The answer we are getting is No.  This could have a drastic economic impact on non-profit clubs across the country and the issue needs to be given careful consideration by all club executives as to how they are going to make up the potential decrease in annual income.  By paying close attention to the circumstances under which invitations to the club are issued, visitor rules and strictly enforcing membership, clubs may lessen the potential economic impact of this new law.  The CFI liability insurance we offer clubs includes coverage of for-profit activities – if we can be of assistance please contact us for details or download our club information package from the CFI website.


As an instructor of Firearms Related courses – is a special ATT still required?

The answer to this is Yes – the process is yet to be defined.  If you require a renewal, please contact your provincial CFO.


Provincial Instructor Course

Oct 19-23rd, 2015

For those of you who love to teach, and are dedicated to the growth of our sport, we are offering you the opportunity to become a provincial instructor for the CFI and receive compensation for your time and expertise.


Current Course Dates:  Oct 19-23, 2015

Location:  Barrie, ON


If interested, please download the information package here, or visit the forms and applications section of our website for details and application process.


Course Dates in the Eastern & Western Provinces are currently being scheduled.  If you are interested in attending – please contact



Watch your email for our

2015/2016 Club Challenge

Work together to advocate growth and the chance to win equipment for your club.


Proud of our Heritage...Protecting our Future!



Meet our CFI Recreational AP Team Captain

Photo courtesy of John Rickards



Watch Coralee Shoot at the

NRA’s 2015 Bianchi Cup

The Barricade – 2015 Bianchi Cup

The Plates – 2015 Bianchi Cup


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CFI Recreational AP Program Handbook

CFI Recreational AP Program Rulebook

To Play!!!




Coralee Gavine – member of Eagle Lake Gun Club – CFI Team Captain

At the age of 36 and being a full-time mother, getting involved in the shooting sports wasn’t really planned.  Sometimes the best turns in life are the ones you don’t see coming.

I am from Alberta and that is where I met and married my husband, Denis.  We have been married for 12 years and are raising three boys, aged 11, 10 and 7. 

We moved to Ontario eight years ago to take over the family business, Gavine Electric.  I love living here in Sundridge and it has become our family home.  We are working towards creating a homestead that will allow us to become self-sufficient.  We grow a lot of our own food, keep bees and raise livestock.

Denis is an avid hunter and our sons have expressed an interest in participating in this past-time with their father.  Not to be left out I have acquired my non-restricted and restricted licences.  Shooting is something that I never saw myself interested in until a family member invited me to shoot a few different pistols.  From that point forward I was hooked.

I am an amateur shooter and have been participating in local IDPA club matches for just over a year. It is a great experience and I look forward to improving my skill level and also recruiting more women into the sport.

I was fortunate enough to participate in the 2015 NRA Bianchi Cup which takes place in Columbia, Missouri.  It was an opportunity of a lifetime and a wonderful learning experience.  It was an excellent event with exceptional people and I look forward to participating again next year.

CFI National Recreational AP Program - Q&A

Why did you establish this – it looks like the Bianchi Cup?

We established this program – working with the NRA Competitions department to create a standalone recreational pistol competition program in Canada – using rules and regulations that would allow Canadian shooters to participate in International events.

The Bianchi Cup and the NRA Worlds (which are now held every 4 years) are the International pinnacles of this competition program.

The CFI National Recreational Action Pistol Cup – is the pinnacle for Canada.

Proud of our Heritage...Protecting our Future!



What role does CFI play in this? – Mainly Administrative.

CFI is responsible for maintaining shooter records and providing classification cards to shooters who participate in Approved or Registered events and hosting the CFI National Recreational Action Pistol Cup on an annual basis.

CFI has also undertaken to work with those organizations that wish to host Provincial or Regional events, by providing medals to the winners, assisting with sponsors and provision of officials.

CFI will also be taking a team of 20 AP shooters to the NRA Bianchi Cup in May of 2016.

Do I have to be a CFI member? - No, membership in the CFI is not required.

Does my club have to be a CFI Partner Club to host events?  No, the club does not have to partner with CFI to make use of the resources provided.

Is there a fee for the Club to host an Approved or Registered Event?  No.  There is a per competitor fee that must be collected by the host club and remitted with the scores to CFI.

What are the CFI Competitor fees?  The per match CFI fees for Approved and Registered events are as follows:

           CFI Member - $4.00

           Non Member - $8.00

           CFI Junior      No Charge

           Non CFI Junior - $2.00

Why are you Charging Fees? - The fees are charged to cover the administration and material costs of providing the classification cards and maintaining the records.   Any surplus funds are put towards the annual CFI Canadian Recreational Action Pistol Cup and other program specific needs.

What about Training? - There are no federally mandated requirements for shooting holster sports in Canada, therefore the onus is on the individual club to establish its own set of safety rules and training processes – for allowing individuals to participate in Action Pistol sports shot at their club.

Many clubs have already established their own system; however the CFI has provided a Probationary Program in the Action Pistol Rulebook – which can be adopted by them to ensure that their shooters are starting their journey safely. 

We offer clubs and individuals the RAPT course as an alternative, which will take them safely through the beginners training process, provide a CFI Holster Certification as well as complete our probationary program and give them their initial classification card.

The CFI offers a number of other courses specifically geared to this Program.  Please see:   for details.

I already have a classification in IPSC, IDPA, PPC, USPSA etc.  – will you grandfather it?  Grandfathered classification cards are provided to CFI members only, providing the status is current and proof is provided.

Classification cards provided by recognized disciplines will be accepted for match registration processes, as long the hosting club has no objection to doing so.


How do I join the CFI AP Team?

The first group of team members will be selected by the board executives of our Full Partner Clubs.  One member per club.

Members who do not belong to one of our Full Partner clubs – can submit their names for consideration on-line or by email to

Submitted names will then be placed in a draw box and the balance of team members will be selected as drawn.


How many team members will there be?

CFI has committed to sponsoring a team of 20 for both the First Annual CFI Recreational AP Cup and the 2016 NRA Bianchi Cup.


What are the criteria for Team Members?

To be eligible – an individual will be an exemplary ambassador of the sport, as they will not only represent the CFI at the Canadian Recreational Action Pistol Cup – they will represent Canadians as a whole as they travel to, attend and compete with other shooters from around the world, at the NRA 2016 Bianchi Cup in Missouri.

These individuals must have some proficiency in Action Pistol Shooting, being a top shot is not a requirement.  Enthusiasm for, and a dedication to encouraging growth in our sport is required.


Check out the NRA’s Bianchi Cup


Shoot * Learn * Share

Coming Soon More CFI Shooting Programs

Air Pistol & Air Rifle Match

October 1st, 2015 – January 31st


Launch Date:  November 1st, 2015


Check out the New AP Program –


Proud of our Heritage...Protecting our Future!



I am an RSO or RO for IPSC, IPDA etc – will my qualifications be grandfathered?

Grandfathering of RO type qualifications are done on a member by member basis.

You must be a member of CFI for this to be considered.

Requests for this can be made by sending an email to detailing your Action Pistol experience.  Volunteer participation in one or more of our RAPT courses as an RO, for peer review purposes maybe required before your credentials are grandfathered.

How do I become an Instructor?  - There are three levels of CFI Certified Instructor – National, Provincial and Club Level.

National and Provincial Level Instructors must take an intense 5 day CFI Train the Trainer course in order to independently teach our courses.  The course is based on the one offered to Corporations on a National and International basis by Reclaim Corporate Training, a credit course in BC and has been tailored to meet our specific needs as an organization.

This will process allow the CFI to ensure we have highly qualified instructors who can then use their skills to earn compensation for their time and expertise.  Numbers will be limited.

           A CFI Train the Trainer course will be held in Ontario, October 19th – 23rd and information can be downloaded here.

           Acceptance will be based on experience, enthusiasm and overall attitude. 

           Details will be provided to qualified applicants.  The cost for existing CFI members (as of August 27th, 2015) is $1000.00 plus hst – non CFI members $1250.00 plus and includes CFI membership.

Club Level Instructor Courses are designed to teach individuals to re-teach a specific course to their club members only.   Individuals are recommended by their club for this course and successful participants are given Club Level Instructor Certificate from CFI.

Where do I get the targets?  -  AP1, AP2, B24 type targets are available from CFI, SFC and Cibbles – as well as many other suppliers across the country.  Paper targets can be used in most cases – cardboard is not required.

The only time official CFI targets are required is when matches are being shot by competitors to establish National Records.  This is to ensure consistency.

The Provincial and National events will use NRA approved targets to allow for inclusion in their international system.

Where can we get the Equipment we need?  -  Most of the equipment required can be made in house for minimal expense using a little ingenuity.

Examples are plentiful on YouTube and other media streams and CFI will be providing ideas and how tos as well.

For the more complicated pieces and steel – we are recommending an American company - Action Target Company – which has been recommended to us by the NRA Competitions department.

We are looking for a Canadian based company that can provide this type of equipment to circumvent the importation costs and will advise you once located.




Please come out to our fall gun show at our club facility.

 Saturday Oct 3rd, 2015

8 am till 4 pm

Lots of guns ammo ,and sporting goods
Handgun vendors from Sudbury & North Bay

New and used in all categories and collectible firearms you won’t find anywhere else.

Bring your unwanted firearms and sell them or trade for one you do want.

Member and guest vendors.

Show admission $5.

Everyone welcome.
Food available
Hope to see you there



Proud of our Heritage...Protecting our Future!


Double Tap Sports-  Keeping Customers on Target

Double Tap Sports started as a business catering to fellow shooters in competitive shooting leagues in Canada and US. The company was founded by an avid shooter in both IPSC, USPSA, with experience in IDPA and 3-Gun. He wanted to use the best quality and longest lasting products in matches and competition. We only sell parts, accessories, pistols and reloading supplies we would use personally. If we don’t use it ourselves, we don’t sell it. We have now expanded to selling to customers around the world, and using our knowledge and experience to provide them with a high level of customer service.


With 28 years of experience in the industry, we’ve seen it all; from the first time shooter to the weekend sportsman to the seasoned professional; both male and female, young and old alike. We cater to every shooter as an individual, and are able to recommend products and parts based on those unique needs.

In the last few years, Double Tap has begun to design and manufacture our own parts and accessories for shooters. We noticed there were voids in the market, and became frustrated with the way in which some products functioned. One of our newest products includes a Snag-Less Velcro Competition Belt that reduces the common problem of snagging your favourite shooting shirts. We have thinned the belt, making it compatible with all major brands of holsters and magazine pouches, and shortened our rubberized belt keeper, so you don’t have an unsightly overhang. We have developed aluminum magazine base pads for Para, CZ and STI/SVI pistols that fit in the IPSC box, and allow you to drop your magazines in competition, without the worry of damage. Coming very soon will be our new Double Tap Sports Safety with Thumb shield. After hours of research, fitting and designing, we think we have come up with the perfect design. It was recently tested at the IPSC Canadian National Championship, and we got great feedback, and all positive reviews!

Other products we have developed include a lightweight guide rod, high quality gun grease and oil, as well as ultra-soft cotton long sleeve tees to keep you comfortable when you shoot.

As a black badge instructor for IPSC, and an R.O in matches, we are actively training the next generation of shooters. We are able to understand and diagnose the difficulties shooters may have and any issues their pistols may be causing. We can recommend which pistol would be ideally suited for your needs, and fix most issues you have with the ones you already own.

Double Tap Sports offers pistol repairs, magazine tuning, parts upgrade, fitting and build custom guns, for every level of shooter. We use the high quality brand name parts, and can customize pieces to your exacting standards. We have outfitted pistols for some of Canada’s best shooters including multi-time IPSC Canadian National Champion and Ontario Provincial Champion Mike Auger.




Special Offer: Mention this article, and get $10 OFF Double Tap Sports Snag-Less Velcro Belts. Please add to the comment section with your order!







LIKE our Double Tap Sports FaceBook Page

You'll be entered to WIN a DoubleTap Prize Pack, Including a DTS Belt!


Proud of our Heritage...Protecting our Future!



How to Take Your Best Shot: Part Three – Sight Picture and Breath Control

Everybody has heard of marksmanship principles, few have heard what they really mean. Here are the ones we use when we teach our rifle marksmanship courses.

-- Linda K Miller & Keith A Cunningham

The slide we show at the beginning of the marksmanship lecture says it all. (Shown to the right)

But the devil is in the details and we take our time going through the marksmanship principles, first in the classroom and then out on the range.

Last issue, we talked about “Natural Body Alignment.” Now, we move on to the third marksmanship principle.

“PAS*T” – “S” is for Sight Picture and Breath Control

Sight picture with a modern scope is a pretty simple matter. Two elements are already taken care of during the rifle fitting: centering your eye in the scope and having the correct eye relief. Now you just need to get the crosshairs on the target. For the coarse adjustment (in prone), we use the shape of the ground and place the rifle so it is pointing generally at the target. Then for intermediate adjustment, we move our rear bag along the corporal line of the butt (angled line of the stock from pistol grip to toe) setting up the crosshairs to be slightly above the point of aim. Finally, we use a little squeeze on the rear bag to lower the crosshair onto the point of aim.

Another critical element of sight picture is cant. Cant is letting the rifle lean a little, instead of keeping it exactly vertical. We demonstrate the effects of cant in the classroom by keeping the crosshairs on the target while canting the rifle. It’s easy to imagine that when the muzzle moves from its usual 6 o’clock position to the 3 or 9 o’clock, that the shot will also go that way. What’s a little harder to picture is the bullet trajectory. So, on the range, we have our shooters shoot at a target at 100 meters… it varies from rifle to rifle, but generally a 90-degree cant results in about 6” of shot displacement. This multiplies when firing at longer ranges, so even a 5-degree cant is significant at 300 meters.

All of these sighting elements are important – and more challenging – in positions other than prone. Ideally, you’ll have your eyes level and your head erect in all positions… but to do this AND keep the rifle upright (not canted) is not always possible. For normal hunting distances, a little bit of compromise goes a long way. The most important thing for iron sights is to keep the front and rear sights aligned because an alignment error is magnified by distance. For a scope, the most important thing is to keep it level because a cant error is critical when your sight is high above the bore.

Breathing is a fairly controversial topic, and for no apparent reason. As Keith is fond of saying, “If you’re breathing, you’re moving”. So you do have to hold your breath for a short period of not more than 8 seconds and usually only about 2-3 seconds while you are actually squeezing the trigger. This is known as using the “respiratory pause” and is broadly accepted as a good technique for the accurate shot.

The controversy is usually about how much air you have in your lungs while you’re doing this. The answer is, “It depends.” When you are shooting a nice relaxed prone shot, you’ll be somewhere near the bottom on your normal exhale.







Proud of our Heritage...Protecting our Future!


ASA Respiratory Pause.png

In positions, you’ll use the amount of air in your lungs to support your position: kneeling usually requires a complete exhale whereas standing usually requires half-full lungs.


“Gulp of Air”

ASA Gulp of Air.jpg

When you can’t catch your breath, take a “gulp of air”

Another important variant of breathing is what we call the “gulp of air”. This is used when you’re physically stressed. You’ve been running and your blood is pounding and you can’t catch your breath, much less find a respiratory pause. Just before you settle your sight on the target, you take a big gulp of air and the body is momentarily satisfied (“Ahhh, oxygen!”) and you fire the shot immediately.

When dealing with mental stress we teach combat breathing, also advocated by author Dave Grossman. It is controlled breathing: in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, out for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4. This signals your body that now is the time for calmness. It is a brilliant tool that helps shooters who are nervous or having trouble concentrating.

Next issue, we continue with the marksmanship principles, focusing on Mental Program as well as Trigger Release and Follow Through.


Linda K Miller and Keith A Cunningham are the authors of “The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters” and “The Secrets of Mental Marksmanship.” They are both available at and






2015 “GUN SHOW”



TIME:  8:AM to 2:PM

PLACE:  North Bay   ON

ADDRESS: 1867 Bond Street

SHOW LOCATION: Ontario Fur Harvesters Building


Rifles - Shotguns - Hand Guns - Cartridges - Archery Militaria - Knives - Fishing Equipment - Taxidermy

Trapper’s Displays - Books - Antiques - Crafts





ADMISSION: $6.00 [SENIORS: $5.00]


RENT 1 [4’X8’] TABLE $35.00

RENT 2 [4’X8’] TABLES $32.50 each

RENT 3 or more [4’X8’] TABLES $30.00 each



JOHN BLACK 1-705-495-1524

WAYNE MONTGOMERY 1-705-474-6656


Proud of our Heritage...Protecting our Future!



Eagle Lake Gun Club – One Shot Tactical

IDPA Ontario Provincials

A first time event for the Eagle Lake Gun Club – run by Terry and his team - like pros.  The care, time and energy put into hosting this event was clearly recognized and appreciated by competitors and spectators alike.   The mile long smiles evident on the competitor’s faces indicated a resounding success.  I, for one am, looking forward to next year’s event.  Follow the Club on their FB page or visit their website to keep up to date.

There were a total of 70 competitors who came from all over the province and even the United States to compete in this 8 stage event.   You can see the action on YouTube by visiting these links: - One Shot Tactical IDPA Provincial Championship - Ontario IDPA Provincial Championships - August 15th, 2015

Congratulations to those that took top scores for an event well shot and a big shout out to those who stepped up and shot the match!  (Visit to review the final results)


CFI was pleased to have had the opportunity to join with One Shot Tactical, and the many other sponsors to support this fantastic event.   We have posted links for the businesses and named the individuals who contributed on this page – please take the time to check them out – and support those – who have invested in the growth and success of our community. Companies listed to the right – were the main event and stage sponsors.

These are the table sponsors.  The individuals – Herman Poel, John Clarry, and John Laird Reactive Targets and Layne Leonard.  The Businesses:


BDX logo Large-20150615-07362942222521_1079875468694799_753874651357209563_nI Run Guns-20150630-081923585kent trusses logo

logologo_2015Fritz Hornady          Seraphim Armoury logo 2-20150615-221920272       Tactical capital logo








duin logo



rouge river 2



Proud of our Heritage...Protecting our Future!



New Shooter Canada

Social Media is here to stay and gunnies have been using it to successfully fight the anti-gun crowd on many fronts: from on-line forums that fought for the return of restricted and non-restricted firearms at the Sportsman Shows, to influencing firearm law changes with our current government. We have become an organized force to be reckoned with and the anti-gun crowd has started to take notice.

While not everyone wants their life exposed on Facebook or care what Twitter is or know how to Tweet; most of us do own a home computer or smart phone with internet access and many of us still listen to the radio for news and entertainment. These two formats have combined over the last few years giving us internet radio or PODCASTS. And since there is no public air waves involved, there is no requirement for a CRTC licence or regulations to follow. Because of this a surge of new radio shows have developed in both Canada and the United States, covering almost every topic of interest for hunters and sports shooters.

In Canada, we are fortunate to have several excellent pro-gun podcast to choose from; from New Brunswick we have Slamfire Radio, in Quebec there is Calibre Velocity and in Ontario there are three podcasts, Modern Rifleman Radio, Action Shooting Radio and New Shooter Canada.

New Shooter Canada (NSC) was founded by George Hatch; he was a new shooter and started the podcast to teach other new shooters about what he learned in regards to shooting, reloading and the many different disciplines of shooting that they may encounter.

Running a one man show is a lot of work for a single dad and George soon burned himself out; George put the show on hiatus indeterminately. But poor George was constantly harassed by all the other podcasters to resurrect NSC once again, they would not let him give up so easily. So to share the load he asked Thomas Donnelly to be his co-host and the show started up again.

The show took off and our listener base quickly grew, but something was still missing. George and Thomas both noticed that none of the other Canadian podcasts had a female viewpoint or a woman as a co-host on their shows. They felt that was very important to represent women shooters in Canada, so they asked Kelly Lynn, herself a new shooter, to be a part of NSC team. Besides classing up our act, Kelly is now a dynamic and important part of the NSC team.

All of the Canadian Podcasters are great friends and comrades in the effort to educate and promote fun and safe use of firearms in Canada. Every summer the Podcasters get together for a fun Charity Shoot to raise money for a local charity and have a chance to all get together once a year. Slamfire Radio in New Brunswick has hosted this event for the last two years and New Shooter Canada will be hosting the 2016 Charity Shoot in Ontario. Kelly and Thomas have just gotten back from this year's shoot and had an awesome time with old friends and made some new ones too. Included are some pictures from the shoot that show how much fun we all had. You are all invited to attend next year's Charity Shoot here in Ontario and more information will be posted as it becomes available.











Proud of our Heritage...Protecting our Future!


Our show is listener base driven, so have a listen by downloading our podcast on iTunes (search New Shooter Canada) and feel free to write us at or contact us on Facebook and like our page. And listen to all of the excellent podcast that we mentioned, as well as all the other podcasts on the Crusader Podcasts Network. As well, please join one or all of our firearms advocacy groups and help us win this fight. 



Funds Raised for Prostate Cancer!  Kudoos to the Lodge!

The sun was hot, the music was fine and the food was fantastic!  50 Shooters and 20 volunteers from across the province, gathered at the Guelph Rod & Gun club for to take part in the Traveler’s Challenge.  A Great day of competition and over $3,000 raised for a great cause.

CFI was very proud to have the opportunity to support this amazing event.  Other event supporters were Modelo cosmetic clinic, USANA health products, Gemini sportswear and Cafeteria Aroma.

The shooters from the very new to the very experienced shared miles of smiles and were challenged by the courses of fire.


Together we helped generate 10,000 meals for the Hungry!

CFI Joins with Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers & Hunters to help FEED Nova Scotia, once again this year. 

We are very pleased to announce that we have donated a Marlin Junior 30/30 to help raise awareness and encourage participation.  The draw will be in March of 2016 and we will keep you posted.

According to the most recent correspondence from Nick Jennery, Executive Director of Feed Nova Scotia, “... the program has raised 1,080 kilos of meat, representing over 10,000 servings of deer or moose for Nova Scotians in need.  At FEED NOVA SCOTIA we believe that there is a place for everyone at the table, when it comes to finding opportunities to help our neighbours and working together to achieve great results Hunters Helping the Hungry exemplifies that.  It is humbling to see meat cutters and hunters come together to make such a meaningful impact in our communities.  Again, thank you for your contribution to these efforts.”

“2016 will mark the 10th anniversary of the program, and we look forward to exceeding this year’s results and proving that crucial support for Nova Scotians.”










“The Canadian Firearms Institute is a non-profit National Firearms Owners

advocacy and resource organization dedicated to protecting

Canadians’ Firearms Heritage.”